Shipping Info

Shipping Charges

I have recently had to change my prices for shipping - by which I mean add shipping. The United States Postal Service has changed their classification of non-bendable envelopes to small parcels, which cost vastly more to ship internationally.  So, unfortunately, I have had to add shipping charges to international orders. To make up for it, I promise to include several little extra goodies with each order :)

Shipping Timeframes

All orders are shipped from the USA by me personally.  I tend to get to the post office at least once a week (Saturdays) and sometimes during the middle of the week - but not always. My post office trips depend on how hectic my schedule is. I do my best to get all orders in the mail within the week of receiving payment. That said, please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping - a little more if you're overseas.  I will always do my best to ship promptly, but please be patient :)


If your order was damaged during shipping (i.e., the carrier bent/folded the package despite it being a rigid envelope clearly marked "DO NOT BEND"), please email me directly at cshoneck[at]!

Thank you for your support!!